Tom Voute

Tom Voûte young investigator awards

The Tom Voûte young investigator award competition is organized yearly by KiKa, in honour of the late Dr. Tom Voûte.

In this competition, PhD students in pediatric oncology compete for the Tom Voûte young investigator award(s).
To apply for the award, PhD students can sent in their research results (according to a specific format) and selected candidates will be asked to present their research for fellow researchers and an expert jury.

Winners will receive €2.500,- to spent on research or personal development

Tom Voûte award competition 2021

In 2020, the Tom Voûte award competition was not organized because the corona restrictions did not permit organization of a live event. 

In 2021 the Tom Voûte award competition will be organized in any case. Whether this will be in a live, online, or hybrid form will be decided closer to the actual date. The award day is planned to take place in the beginning of November. The exact date will be communicated soon. To give everyone a fair chance to compete, this year also PhD students who have defended their thesis in 2020 will be eligible to compete.

Tom Voute

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