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Tom Voûte young investigator awards

this year a hybrid event! see below

The Tom Voûte young investigator award competition is organized yearly by KiKa, in honour of the late Dr. Tom Voûte.

In this competition, PhD students in pediatric oncology compete for the Tom Voûte young investigator awards.
To apply for the award, PhD students can sent in their research results (according to a specific format) and selected candidates will be asked to present their research for fellow researchers and an expert jury.

Winners will receive €2.500,- to spent on research or personal development

Tom Voûte award competition 2021

 Selected candidates will be invited to present their work on Tuesday November 16  at de zalen van zeven /Boothstraat in Utrecht. As preparation to this day they will receive a masterclass presenting as preparation for the competition from professional speech  coaches.

the preliminary program can be found here.

hybrid event

Due to the current coronaregulations, only a limited number of people can be present at the zalen van zeven. Anyone can follow the event and interact via chat via clicking on the following link. This livestream will start 16 november at 1 pm.

Only people that received an invitation can attent the event at the zalen van zeven.


Register to attend the Tom Voûte Young investigator event

This year’s Tom Voûte young investigator awards event will be held at de zalen van zeven /Boothstraat in Utrecht on November 16. The presentations by selected candidates will be given in the afternoon  13:00-17:00) and followed by drinks and snacks. There will be plenty of oppurtunity for lively discussions and social interactions. For this afternoon, we specifically invite all PhD students in pediatric oncology, their supervisors and labmembers to attend.  

If you want to attend, please register. Because of current regulations, it is important for us to see how many people plan to come.

directions to the zalen van zeven can be found here.

You will need to show a CoronaCheck QR code to enter the event.


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